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Here at Wicked Fast we have decided to do everything we can in-house so what do you do when you decide to do it all? You jump in and buy an embroidery machine. I hate needles and thread and what do I do? I jump out and say "I can do this" because that IS the Wicked Fast Attitude. The only thing that limits what we can do is that inner voice, or as one said, inner Bully telling us we can't. What is stopping you from your dream? Stop the excuses and jump on board. If I can learn to thread needles and change broken ones and design some Wicked hats, you can do what you are dreaming about. It takes dedication and the willingness to fail at something to succeed. We only truly fail if we fail to try. Got any cool hat ideas or want me to make you a custom one, send me a message on Facebook and we will get you hooked up. Until next time. Do everything with a Wicked Fast attitude. Life is Wicked Fast - live everyday like it is your last.

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