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Life is Wicked Fast

I decided this morning to start writing this blog to try and capture the spirit and life of Wicked Fast Attire. We started this company on a dream and a prayer. My son, Ethan was sponsored by the company for several years. I loved the company from the day he joined the team and thought to myself, "one day I will own this company." Fortunately, the owner Gayla McBee knew how much we loved it and offered it to me when she decided to sell. Our life has been a Wicked Fast whirlwind ever since. If you know us, you know we have lived through many unexpected family tragedies in the last five years and have learned one thing. Life is Wicked Fast and every second is a gift. I am thankful for the life we have with Wicked Fast.

We are people just like you. We have responsibilities and challenges and a drive to compete. We bust ass all week so we can go to arena grounds or bike rallies on the weekend. We know what it is to finish a days work, load the truck and haul ass to the next event. We are parents sitting on hard rodeo bleachers waiting anxiously for our son to shoot in a timed event or bust out of the shoots on a bronc. Blood, sweat and tears that's what Wicked Fast is made of. I plan to share our adventures in this blog and would love to hear your stories too. Happy Monday and remember Life is Wicked Fast!

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